"Acupuncture has changed every aspect of my life for the better. I kick myself everyday for not doing it sooner; because I could have been happier, healthier, and more productive a long time ago. I’m a veteran with several service-connected disabilities. I’ve had three orthopedic surgeries in the last two years as a result. I fractured my C6 transverse process in a car wreck a year ago. I was in pain, constantly. Chronic pain adversely affected my sleep, mental health, relationships, employment, and quality of life in a major way. I was stuck and I thought I was out of options. All the resources at the federal government’s disposal couldn’t help me manage the chronic pain I was dealing with, not until I got outside of the box of traditional medicine. My overall health and wellness was a fraction of what it is now, after 6 months of weekly acupuncture treatments from Core Essence acupuncture. In my opinion, which is based solely on the results that I experienced, acupuncture elevated my daily baseline energy level by no less than 50%. Acupuncture has also eliminated the need for me to take four pills daily. Six months after beginning acupuncture treatment, the boost in energy and the reduction in chronic pain is reliable and consistent, and I notice it as soon as I stand up. Core Essence Acupuncture has doubled my quality of life in the last 6 months." // T.G.



"All of the things you expect from a health care professional are what you will receive at Core Essence Acupuncture and Massage. Friendliness, compassion, trustworthiness, knowledge, and quality care.  The staff will search for and tackle the root of a problem, both external and internal, rather than just treat the symptoms.  I have been very pleased with my acupuncture treatments with definite results.  I also had some injections: one for my immune system which took away all my cold/flu symptoms and another one for pain in my knee which took the pain away and is still gone.  Thank you for taking away the pain and boosting my immune system. Massage is also excellent. Jaymie is very intuitive and she uses this intuition and her extensive training to design a therapeutic experience specifically for your body and mind.  Her healing work is truly a gift and I recommend her wholeheartedly." //  P.N.



“I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for many years and I finally tried acupuncture. After my first visit my pain reduced by over half.  After two or three more visits my pain was almost gone.   Karli and Nanci are the nicest people in the world and are so knowledgeable.  Now I go once or twice a month and they have also helped me with my neck and shoulder pain.  The carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms I was having are rarely there now.  Acupuncture has helped me so much and it has changed my life. I can go to work pain-free and work in my garden pain-free.” // J.L.



"Karli and Nanci have been amazing to work with. They support, care, and devote themselves to helping me in any way with my journey to better my health. It's been an honor to be on the receiving end of their care. I always feel like I am in great hands with these two. Highly recommend their acupuncture and neuro-acupuncture services since it has greatly helped with my psoriasis and stress symptoms. They help guide and find resources to point me in the right direction. I truly appreciate their big hearts and their healing hands. Grateful to be in their care. I have recommended them to several coworkers and now they go see Nanci & Karli. I trust them 100%!" // J.M.